Sports medicine

Sports medicine provides services for students who sustain physical injury. Students who are interested in physical fitness, conditioning and rehabilitation will find this service tailored to their needs. Sports Medicine services are complemented by SHS Physical Therapy services.

Physical therapy

We at Student Health Services (SHS) believe it's your good health that enables you to achieve your full potential. Fulfillment of your academic and personal goals all depends on optimum health.

The Physical Therapy Department at SHS offers a broad range of services to facilitate recovery from and prevention of injuries or illnesses that affect the musculoskeletal system and sensorimotor functions. The department is staffed by physical therapists who provide evaluation and individualized treatment and education programs for each patient to return to function.

Availability and Access

Students are invited to bring their questions to the physical therapists at any time. Whether it's about tips to prevent recurrence of an old injury or self-management of an ongoing problem, the physical therapy department is here to help. A prescription for physical therapy services is not required, although some health insurance companies require a referral to physical therapy from a primary care provider prior to receiving services if insurance reimbursement is expected.

Student Health Services accepts physical therapy orders from private clinicians. Therefore, it is unnecessary for students who are seeing physicians outside of SHS to leave campus or town to have their physical therapy treatments.

The Physical Therapy Department is open Monday through Friday with more limited hours during the summer. The department is located at Dixon Recreation Center on the main level.


If you have a prescription for physical therapy, you may call or drop by Dixon or SHS to schedule your appointment.

Be sure to bring the clinician's written prescription with you.

Call 541-737-7556 to schedule physical therapy appointments.

Treatment Programs

Physical therapy is a rehabilitative discipline of health care in which a physical therapist provides services to patients who have impairments, functional limitations, disabilities, or changes in physical function and health status resulting from injury, disease, or other causes.

The therapist will design, implement and modify therapeutic interventions to address each patient's impairments.

The treatment plans may include but are not limited to balance, coordination and functional training, patient education, therapeutic exercise, manual therapy techniques, prescription and application of assistive, adaptive, orthotic, or prosthetic devices, wound management, and application of electrotherapeutic or mechanical modalities and other physical agents such as ice, heat or biofeedback techniques.