The pharmacy, operated by the OSU College of Pharmacy, is located on the first floor of the Plageman Building (Student Health Services) in Room 109. It is staffed by registered pharmacists, who are available five days a week to fill prescriptions, provide drug information, and answer health-related questions. In addition, a variety of over-the-counter (OTC) items are available for purchase by students at competitive prices. Payment on any pharmacy purchases can be made by check, cash, or charged to student accounts.

Hours and Phone

See Operating Hours for pharmacy hours. The phone number is 541-737-3491.

Eligibility for Care

Pharmacy services are available only to registered students at this time. Students must present their valid OSU identification card upon each visit.


We accept a variety of insurance plans to directly bill prescription medications including ASOSU insurance, HMO Oregon, Blue Cross / Blue Shield of Oregon, Providence Healthcare, and Oregon PCS plans. Most Oregon Health Plan options are also accepted. Ask us for more information.

Our Specialty Services

  • We can fill prescriptions from any practitioner, not just Student Health Services prescribers.
  • We may be able to special-order certain items not routinely stocked within one business day.
  • We can bill prescriptions directly to a variety of health insurance plans.
  • We are certified immunization specialists.

Our Staff

Meet our staff:

  • Bill Boyce, RPh (Pharmacy Director)
  • Christy Fullwiler
  • Becky Russell, Pharm.D.


We are also a training site for pharmacy students from the OSU College of Pharmacy.

Our Mission

We are dedicated to providing quality assistance, recommendations, and counseling services on all health-related issues by direct interaction with our healthcare professionals.