Massage therapy is an age-old health practice that has become part of many OSU students' health and fitness routine. Students find that massage is a complement to other health services in promoting their health. Therapeutic massage can be a component of your health maintenance or wellness plan.

At Student Health Services, massage therapists are highly qualified, well-trained, experienced licensed professionals. Therapists may combine several different massage styles including Swedish, deep tissue and pressure points. Swedish massage is the most common which includes gentle strokes and deep kneading techniques.

To Make an Appointment

Massage Therapy is available at SHS @ Dixon. OSU students, faculty or staff can make appointments by calling 541-737-7556 or 541-737-9355.

Appointments are made for half-hour or one-hour intervals. If you are a student, charges for your massage can be billed to your OSU account. Faculty and staff must pay at the time of services. Check with your health care insurance provider for possible coverage. If you need to cancel or reschedule your appointment, please call in advance. Missed appointments will be charged. For current massage services rates, please see Most Common Fees.