New International Students

Requirements for new domestic students can be found here

Immunization requirements prior to attending OSU

All incoming international students must submit health forms and provide proof of immunity against a variety of significant infectious diseases. This information is required for students to attend OSU and failure to provide this information will result in a registration hold. The required forms may be completed online at the Patient Portal. [If you are unable to access the online forms, you may also print the International Health History Form (PDF) and submit it by mail or fax.]

Offsite clinics or programs may impose more stringent vaccination requirements as a prerequisite for student participation. OSU does not have control over these clinical sites’ decisions to do so.  Please contact your program regarding any additional health and vaccination requirements.

TB screening requirements

Students from countries identified as high TB risk are required to complete TB screening upon arrival at Oregon State. Students from exempt countries who have lived in a high-risk country for more than six (6) months are recommended to complete a TB screening as well. The TB screening will be available through OSU Student Health Services. In many cases, TB screening will be included in the new student orientation schedules as coordinated by INTO-OSU and OSU International Programs. The testing must be completed within the United States, so please do not pursue advance testing in your country prior to your arrival. If you are from one of the high-risk countries, please expect to complete your TB screening upon arrival at OSU.

Fees for services

If you become ill or injured while you are a student, call Student Health Services at 541-737-9355 to make an appointment. Usually office visits are free to students. You might need to pay for some services such as lab tests, X-rays, prescriptions, massage and physical therapy. Visit Most Common Fees for current fee information.

Language translation services

Translation service is available at the clinic for more than 170 languages. SHS staff members access the translation line by way of speaker phone or conference call. The service is free and confidential.

Health insurance

All international students who are registered for at least 1 credit hour in Fall, Winter and/or Spring terms will be automatically charged for the OSU International Health Insurance. If a student has other insurance, he/she may submit a waiver and a summary of the insurance for approval no later than the last published date of open enrollment. If approved, the charge will be removed. To learn more about health insurance and how to use it, visit About Health Insurance.

OSU requires that all non-resident international students and their dependents (living in the United States) be covered by health insurance. The health insurance must meet federal, state and OSU requirements (OAR 576-025-0020). For more information on adding a dependent to your OSU health insurance, contact the Student Health Insurance office 541-737-7600.

Health coverage while traveling

Students who are enrolled in OSU International Health Insurance are covered by On Call International if they get sick or injured when traveling. If you are at least 100 miles from OSU, or in another country, call On Call International as soon as possible by dialing 866-525-1956 (within the United States) or 603-328-1956 (outside the United States). On Call International cannot reimburse you for any medical expenses unless they are arranged, approved and provided by On Call International, so always call them first. For more information about staying safe and healthy while traveling, go to Travel Tips for International Students.

Infectious diseases

OSU places high priority on preventing the spread of infectious diseases. To promote the health of the campus community, SHS offers information on how to prevent disease, and information on immunizations that are available.

Sexually transmitted infections

STIs (Sexually Transmitted Infections) are infections that can be passed between people during sexual activities. They affect people of all ages and backgrounds. In the United States there are about 19,000,000 new cases each year. Half of these are among young people ages 15-24 years. Visit STIs and HIV for more information. 

Translated Documents:

Patient portal

Student Health Services has an electronic medical record system which provides faster access to patient information and better communication with pharmacies regarding prescriptions. We have also developed a secure Patient Web Portal that allows you to electronically communicate confidentially with providers and submit the required health and immunization forms online.

If you have any chronic medical conditions or have ongoing prescription needs, we encourage you to make an appointment with a primary care provider early in your academic career. Prior medical records are often helpful in transitioning your ongoing medical care to SHS while you are at the university. You should request that your current medical provider fax a copy of your pertinent records to: 541-737-9665. Alternatively, the records can be mailed to Oregon State University Student Health Services, Attn: Medical Records Department, 201 Plageman, Corvallis, OR 97331.