Mission, Vision and Values

SHS mission

Student Health Services provides leadership for health on campus and contributes to the success of students and the university community.

To accomplish our mission we:

  • Provide excellent medical and health promotion services
  • Create a safe environment for all individuals
  • Honor diversity and practice civility
  • Meet community and individuals needs in an ever-changing environment

SHS vision

Student Health Services will be an organization that is nationally recognized for its commitment to public health by promoting lifelong healthy behaviors, healthy environments, and global citizenship.

SHS values

  • Student centered – We are committed to recognizing, addressing, and accepting the full spectrum of individual and collective life experiences and health needs present in our community.
  • Responsible – We are conscientious stewards of money, time, patient information, and human and physical resources.
  • Excellence – We use evidence-based practices, regularly engage in quality improvement activities, and are committed to continuing education for all staff.
  • Integrity – We consistently live out our stated values.
  • Creativity – We encourage innovation, have a participatory environment and collaborate at all levels.
  • Environmentally conscious – We are dedicated to efficient use of energy and to the reduction of our negative imprint on the environment.