Graduate Assistant Insurance Plan

What benefits are included?

The PacificSource Insurance includes a comprehensive medical, dental and vision plan. Benefit details are available at the "Summary of Benefits" link above.

Is it mandatory?

All graduate assistantships of .2 to .49 FTE require automatic enrollment in "employee-only" PacificSource insurance coverage. Those who want to opt out must submit a waiver form with comparable insurance coverage to the SHS Insurance Office by the deadline listed under “What paperwork do I need?”

What does it cost?

Monthly premiums for 2016-17 (pre-tax payroll deduction) are:

  • Employee-only coverage - $49.25
  • Employee + Spouse/Partner - $96.84
  • Employee + Children (1 or more) - $82.56
  • Employee + Spouse/Partner + Children - $130.14
  • Dental only: $36.84

Per the collective bargaining agreement (Article 28), OSU will cover 87% (or $295.44/month) of the premium cost for employee-only coverage while employed, and graduate assistants will pay the remaining 13%. Dependents can be added for an additional cost. 

How do I pay for it?

Monthly premiums will be deducted from your paycheck. 

What paperwork do I need?

Complete either: an enrollment form (if you are making changes or adding dependents), or a waiver form. Submit it to the Student Health Insurance Office by the deadline below for the given term. Do not submit forms earlier than six months prior to the insurance start date or without a local address. Enrollment forms are available for download on this page, or in our office. Please return all forms to the SHS Insurance Office, not to PacificSource.

Note about fall enrollment forms/waivers: All graduate assistants must submit the appropriate paperwork for the fall term unless you had a summer assistantship that is continuing with no changes in personal information or dependents. If you were on the Graduate Summer Insurance at 85%, we will continue that same policy. All forms must be submitted by the deadline below, dependent upon your start term.

Deadlines for form submission: All forms must be submitted within the first 30 days of employment.


When will my insurance be effective?

The plan year runs from October 1 to September 30 annually. However, insurance coverage is on a month-to-month basis and will be based on the assistantship appointment begin and end dates. Insurance becomes effective on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month. If your assistantship began before the 15th of the month, your insurance effective date will be the first of that month. If your assistantship began the 16th or after, then your effective date will be the first of the following month. Ensure that your departmental paperwork is complete and received by OSU Human Resources and Payroll for processing. If your information is not entered into the system prior to the 16th, you will see a double deduction on your paycheck the following month.

Can I enroll family members in this coverage?

Family members who qualify as eligible dependents may be enrolled in this insurance at an extra cost. Dependents must be added during the open enrollment period (October each year, or the first month of the assistantship) by including the name, date of birth and Social Security number in Section 3 of the PacificSource enrollment form. Dependents may only be added outside of the open enrollment period if a qualifying event occurs (such as marriage, birth, adoption, court order or involuntary loss of other coverage). Submit an enrollment form by the first day of the month to be added.

How do I use my coverage outside of Student Health?

For services outside of the Student Health Center, refer to the list of Preferred Providers found online at (plan type – PSN). When you go to that provider for an appointment, present your insurance card. Some offices will ask you to pay your percentage up front, or may bill you after they have received an Explanation of Benefits from PacificSource. If you receive a bill from an outside provider that you do not understand, call the billing office for that doctor for clarification. You can also call PacificSource Customer Service at 1-888-977-9299 to ask questions.

How is PacificSource billed for my services at SHS?

Every week, we send our charges electronically to PacificSource for processing. PacificSource then sends an Explanation of Benefits (EOB) to us and to the student explaining what was or was not paid and why. If the services were covered and the $100 deductible has been met, this EOB will be accompanied with a reimbursement check to Student Health Services. This process generally takes one to two months from start to finish. Students are responsible for paying charges on their student account and we recommend the student pay them at the time they are billed, if financially able. For any further questions on this process, contact our billing office at 541-737-8370.

What if I have other insurance?

Students who have other insurance may qualify to waive out of enrollment in PacificSource. However, graduate assistants who waive out of the university plan will not be eligible for the university’s contribution toward premiums. In order to qualify for a waiver, your insurance plan must cover the services listed on the “Waiver Requirements” to be considered comparable to the PacificSource plan. The Aetna OSU Student Insurance Plan is not a comparable plan. A summary of coverage as well as a copy of both sides of the insurance card must accompany the completed waiver for review by the deadline.

The university offers a dental benefit through PacificSource for those students who are missing dental coverage, but have all the medical and vision services required. The cost of the added dental premium will be $36.84 monthly. The student will be required to complete an enrollment form and authorize the premium to be deducted from their paycheck monthly.

My appointment has changed. Do I have to submit new forms?

Graduate students whose appointments convert from an assistantship to a fellowship from one term to the next (that is, the appointments are sequential with no lapse between appointment periods), will not be required to submit a new health insurance enrollment or waiver form. NOTE: If there is any lapse in time between appointments, the automatic enrollment will for employee-only coverage at the start of the new position. Any corrections, or waivers, must be submitted within the first 30 days of employment. Please contact the SHS Insurance Office with any questions by calling 541-737-7568.

Who can I contact if I have more questions?