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Pertussis Confirmed on OSU Campus; Tdap Boosters Advised

(Updated 12-9-14) Pertussis (also called whooping cough) has been confirmed within the student population on the Oregon State University campus. This coincides with an outbreak of pertussis in middle school-aged children in the community, which was recently reported by the Benton County Health Department. 

The best prevention for this illness, which is often characterized by a debilitating, long-lasting cough, is to get a Tdap (tetanus, diphtheria and pertussis) booster if one has not been immunized since 2005. This is especially true for anyone who is in close contact with infants under 1 year of age or with frail elderly people, or for anyone who will be in close contact with high-risk individuals during Winter Break. Likewise, a booster is advised for anyone who is uncertain of their last Tdap since 2005.

Student Health Services offers Tdap vaccine to students, faculty and staff with a university ID. Cost is $50 for students (health insurance will be courtesy billed) and $56 for faculty/staff (payable by cash at time of service).

For more information, students and faculty/staff may call Student Health at 541-737-9355 or the Nurse Advice Line at 541-737-2724.